6 Pockets Short Pants

USD 2.1 / Piece/Pieces

500 Piece/Pieces(MOQ)

Basic T-Shirt Unisex in Stock

USD 1.2 / Dozen/Dozens

2500 Dozen/Dozens(MOQ)

Children Cotton Sweet Baju kurung

USD 15 / Piece/Pieces

5 Piece/Pieces(MOQ)

Black and white stripe trousers for girls

USD 5 / Piece/Pieces

100 Piece/Pieces(MOQ)

Polyester yarn container lots

USD 2 / Kilogram/Kilograms

1000 Kilogram/Kilograms(MOQ)

Wholesale cotton white shirts for uniform

USD 2 / Piece/Pieces

100 Piece/Pieces(MOQ)

Multi-color Polo Shirts for Men

USD 3 / Piece/Pieces

5 Piece/Pieces(MOQ)

Wholesale Clothing For Baby Pajamas Garment Stock Lot Buyers

USD 10 / Piece/Pieces

10 Piece/Pieces(MOQ)

Apparel Stock Products & Suppliers

For stock apparel, you will have quite a lot of variety to choose from. These stock clothing brands promise to deliver the highest quality goods at the most economical price possible. Supplier-In-China has made its name offering a platform for suppliers. These suppliers are selling stock clothes wholesale. They provide you with the most reliable apparel at lower rates than most of their competitors.

These supplier’s stock apparel includes a pair of cute baby pajamas that will keep your baby warm and snug. These manufacturers ensure that there are no irritating bits that could make the baby feel uncomfortable during his naptime. These are available in a wide variety of styles and colors. SO, you can choose the perfect fit for your baby. The pajamas are available at reasonable prices. 

On the other hand, to help modern children get more in touch with their culture, these suppliers sell children’s Baju Kurung at very affordable rates. This includes a peplum type bodice that will leave your daughter looking priceless. What’s more is that it is very inexpensive.

Our supplier’s apparel stocks also offer a wide variety of choices for men. One such apparel is the polo shirt. They sell the highest quality polo shirts in a wide variety of different colors. These also include some unique colors such as orange, pink and purple. These are perhaps the lowest prices you will find for high-quality polo shirts. 

Also for men are some twill printed shorts. The best part about these shorts is that they come with six pockets. SO, you can stay ahead of all trends while still having extremely practical shorts. These sell for minimal prices.

Our site further has suppliers that cater to men with some white plain cotton shirts. You can either use it as a uniform for school or you can wear it to the office as a formal shirt. That are so affordable that it will feel like they are almost for free! We know what you’re thinking: ‘What a steal!’

For women, our suppliers have in our stock apparel some long striped trousers. These are made from cotton or polyester and can be worn in all seasons. These can be paired with a long tunic for a boho chic look or with a tucked in blouse for a more formal tone.

Apart from that, the suppliers also sell some yarn at wholesale that is paid per kilogram. So, what are you waiting for? Choose a supplier and order now!

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