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Latest Design Snow White Princess Costume

USD 20 / Piece/Pieces

2 Piece/Pieces(MOQ)

New Arrival Christmas costumes for adults and children

USD 10-12 / Piece/Pieces

10 Piece/Pieces(MOQ)

Popular Halloween costumes for adults latest design

USD 20 / Piece/Pieces

10 Piece/Pieces(MOQ)

Wholesale Children Carnival Animal Costumes

USD 10-12 / Piece/Pieces

50 Piece/Pieces(MOQ)

Funny Tooth Mascot costumes for children

USD 10-12 / Piece/Pieces

2 Piece/Pieces(MOQ)

Costumes Hot Sale New Design kids animal costume

USD 5-7 / Piece/Pieces

100 Piece/Pieces(MOQ)

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If there is one thing that children love, it is holidays that involve costumes and candy. When the Halloween season comes around, parents everywhere are scrambling to satisfy their children’s demands of the best costumes available. Therefore, if you are looking for the same thing, we have the perfect collection of wholesale Halloween costumes for you.

There are usually two kinds of kids each Halloween. Those that want to dress as something cutesy and adorable and those that go into the full Halloween spirit and want to dress as something genuinely spooky. The suppliers on our platform have a variety of wholesale Halloween costumes for both kinds of buyers! These wholesale costumes not only come at a reasonably affordable price, but they’re also appealing to the eye.

Whether it is a Disney princess dress like Snow White’s very own yellow and blue floral patterned dress, which we, by the way, sell for very reasonable prices, or something even more adorable like elf-costumes, which our suppliers sell by the bulk, we have them all for you to select from. You can simply choose your product and order almost up to 5000 pieces all together as bulk Halloween costumes.

Among these wholesale china costumes, the suppliers also have costumes and Halloween outfits that would cater to the very young. They have an adorable green dinosaur outfit for babies that are not only comfortable to wear but also extremely cost-effectively priced. There’s also a very fluffy and warm brown lion outfit that any baby would look absolutely stunning in. This one as well costs very less.

Our suppliers do not only cater to the young but also have costumes that would appeal to a more adult audience. This collection includes a wonderfully dark Maleficient inspired robe complete with the horns. The best part is that it costs very less. Not only this, there’s even a few costumes that would appeal to a more eccentric clientele which includes an eggplant costume as well as the power rangers outfits for males!

All of these items are available for purchase in bulk. It is pretty plain to see that we have some of the best costume wholesale suppliers in the market. So what are you waiting for? Order now and fill up your stock before Halloween actually rolls around, this time around.

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