2018 Korean Lady's Fashion socks

USD 1.2 / Pack/Packs

1000 Pack/Packs(MOQ)

Korean Lady's Summer Stockings

USD 4 / Pack/Packs

1000 Pack/Packs(MOQ)

Beautiful ankle socks for ladies

USD 5 / Pair/Pairs

10 Pair/Pairs(MOQ)

Special Wool socks for kids

USD 5 / Pair/Pairs

2 Pair/Pairs(MOQ)

High-Quality custom tie dye socks for adults

USD 1 / Pair/Pairs

300 Pair/Pairs(MOQ)

Wholesale bowling and skating socks

USD 2 / Pair/Pairs

100 Pair/Pairs(MOQ)

Hosiery Products & Suppliers

For women who wear short skirts and dresses that fail to fall below the knee, hosiery is an absolute must. Some kind of stocking or hose or even thigh-high socks are needed to keep it within the range of modesty. Specially if such clothes are being worn in a professional environment. If you want to stock up on such products, you will be pleased to note that we have a number of suppliers here who sell wholesale socks bulk-wise. 

And not just socks, they have an entire section of wholesale hosiery where you will find items such as socks, pantyhose, thigh high socks, stockings and fashionable tights. They even have a collection of high-quality custom-made tie-dye socks for adults. There’s also warmly knitted woollen socks for children that cost only a minimum amount a pair and be bought in bulks of 300 each week. If you are looking to buy such items than the best option is to buy from wholesale sock manufacturers that you can trust. 

While you are at it and buying wholesale socks bulk-wise you might also want to take a look at our collection of beautiful ankle socks that cost very less. Not only these, we also have suppliers that supply custom coloured compression knee highs that are best for sports and other active events. These are once again, extremely reasonably priced and are available for purchase per pair as well as in bulk. You can rest assured that if you are purchasing anything from the suppliers here, you are most certainly buying from the best hosiery wholesale suppliers in China. 

Things like stockings and hoses are something that every woman needs in her life. So if anything, it is best to buy these items in bulk from well known wholesale hosiery suppliers so that the quality of your products is guaranteed. There are many instances that these things are made from less than perfect material and in those cases, they rip and tear at the most unlikely of moments which can not only cause a lot of inconvenience but also lead to a lot of embarrassment. Imagine a woman who is a at a formal event and all of a sudden realises that are her knee-high skin-tight hose has ripped from the side with nothing to cover it with. In order to avoid such mishaps always buy products that are of the utmost quality. Buy from the suppliers here!

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