Plastic Tag Pin Attaching Gun

USD 1.25 / Piece/Pieces

100-1999 Piece/Pieces(MOQ)

High-quality NYLON tag pins

USD 0.3 / Piece/Pieces

1000 Piece/Pieces(MOQ)

Wholesale standard tag pins

USD 0.7 / Box/Boxes

1 Box/Boxes(MOQ)

Clothes security lock plastic pins with custom sizes

USD 25 / Carton/Cartons

100 Carton/Cartons(MOQ)

Wholesale metal tag gun needles

USD 1.5-2 / Box/Boxes

100 Box/Boxes(MOQ)

Tag gun for clothes price label

USD 2 / Piece/Pieces

100 Piece/Pieces(MOQ)

Tag Guns Products & Suppliers

Different shops and vendors have different products for sale. They all have different needs and many different requirements when it comes to supplies. However there is one thing that almost every single clothing store, in fact any kind of store needs. This item is the tagging gun! Every single shop owner needs a tagging gun supplier! Why, you ask? Well if one does not possess a tagging gun, how on earth will they tag their products and label the prices onto them? Tagging gun supplies are absolutely essential. Not only do you need the actual tagging gun, but also other tagging gun supplies in order to work with your gun. 

These supplies can include metal needles needed for your gun, standard tag pins and even plastic locks for your clothes in order to ensure their safety! So many different things are needed that it would make any one person’s head spin. Lucky for you that only can you buy tagging gun from our suppliers, you can buy the various other supplies you will need with it as well. 

Nowadays, in a world that is fast becoming digitized in every aspect of life. More and more people are looking for a digital label gun supplier. The traditional old tagging gun has been replaced in favour of the new digital label gun. Any why shouldn’t it? It is faster, easier to use and certainly ten times more efficient than the traditional manual old tagging gun. For these very purposes we have a number of suppliers who have kept a range of different tagging guns and tagging gun supplies in their stocks just for you. You can buy all these supplies for very cost effective prices and make sure that all your clothes for sale are safely labelled and locked with plastic locks. 

The tagging gun supplies are available for sale in bulk, which aims to offer you pricing deals that are best suited for you and our actual tagging guns can be bought as individual purchases as well making life that much more easier for you! The suppliers make sure that their tag guns are bought from the best brands out there and there are of high end quality and available at cheap rates.

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