Rejected and second hand shoes for men

USD 1.5-2 / Pair/Pairs

1000 Pair/Pairs(MOQ)

Summer used clothes for kids

USD 2 / Kiloampere/Kiloamperes

10000 Kiloampere/Kiloamperes(MOQ)

Cheap party and wedding wear american clothes for ladies

USD 2 / Kilogram/Kilograms

2000 Kilogram/Kilograms(MOQ)

Wholesale used clothes for men

USD 1-2 / Kilogram/Kilograms

5000 Kilogram/Kilograms(MOQ)

Wholesale used clothing in bales sale second hand clothes

USD 0.01-1.5 / Kilogram/Kilograms

12400 Kilogram/Kilograms(MOQ)

Used Clothes Products & Suppliers

Everyone likes designer clothes and eye catching new dresses. However, not most people can afford it. Our suppliers not only sell brand new clothing items but also second-hand clothes at wholesale! Rate as well! The problem that arises when buying from wholesale used clothing suppliers is the fact often times the used clothes bundles that are supplied end up with one or more defected products in them. However, rest assured we offer a platform where you can not only find quality in brand new product suppliers but even in used products suppliers!

If you want to purchase clothes that are easy on the pocket, it is always good to weigh your options and perhaps consider buying used items. Rest assured that even our suppliers’ used products are carefully screened and properly cleaned before they are sold onwards to our customers. Customer care is one of our highest valued ethics. The suppliers you will find on our site go through each and every product to make sure that none of them have any defect. Only and only after all these screening processes are done, those used clothing sold in bulk. 

When it comes to second hand clothes wholesale, the suppliers on our site have one of the widest ranges of variety for you. We have clothes for men, children and even women. There are summer clothes as well as shoes for children and men. Many of these clothes are not even used! In fact there are simply rejected products that have very minor defect like maybe a loose string or perhaps a singular scratch. These defects are very difficult to notice and the clothes practically good as any other brand new product you might set out to buy. In other words, if you are lucky you might get to enjoy a brand new product for the minimal price of a used one!

Second Hand Clothes for Sale By Weight

Instead of selling these clothes by piece, the suppliers here sell these by their weight. Making it all the more affordable and easier for you to purchase. This not only ensures affordability, but also quantity. You can buy in large quantities and without having to pay an extra amount of money for it like you would have to if you were buying brand new clothes! We have some of the few online whole sale suppliers that are not just selling brand new products but also used ones. 

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