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Pure And Natural Aloe Vera Oil Facial Care Carrier Oil Heal Skin

USD 23 / Kilogram/Kilograms

10 Kilogram/Kilograms(MOQ)

Green Tea Extract

USD 18 / Kiloampere/Kiloamperes

1 Kiloampere/Kiloamperes(MOQ)

Medical Elderly Walker

USD 26.8 / Set/Sets

1 Set/Sets(MOQ)

Body Relax electric body massager

USD 36.80 / Set/Sets

1000 Set/Sets(MOQ)

Electric Foot Massager

USD 29 / Piece/Pieces

100 Piece/Pieces(MOQ)

Premium level honeyed Korea red ginseng slices

USD 37 / Kilogram/Kilograms

5 Kilogram/Kilograms(MOQ)

150% density glueless full lace wigs for black women

USD 125 / Perch/Perches

50 Perch/Perches(MOQ)

brazilian hair full lace wig 20 inches 30 inches

USD 110 / Perch/Perches

50 Perch/Perches(MOQ)

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Health & Beauty

Health is one of the most important aspects of any human life and to maintain is often the hardest tasks for us to carry out. The products that you might need in order to keep healthy skin, mind and body can be found at Supplier-in-China; we have a good collection of health, beauty, and personal care products that might interest you. Our manufacturers are reliable and provide the buyers with high quality and harmless products either raw or processed. 

We bring you some of the best health care supplies that are harmless and have great effects on the human body. Starting from extracts we have animal and plant extracts that are all natural and produce great results. We also have body fluid and circulation devices; along with these we have baby care devices, breast care products and we have fragrances plus deodorants that you can order from.

Medical science has progressed, and so have their instruments. Medical elderly walker is available at Supplier-in-China and is made of aluminum, titanium, and alloy, comes in one color that is black, is customizable and is FDA approved. This walker is made to help the elderly not only with their mobility, making it easier for them to move around but also doing so with ease. Walking aid comes in different sizes, shapes and kinds- there are different kinds that assist different levels of mobility issue, the first thing that you need to do is to identify your level of mobility, whether you have a high-level mobility, medium or low level and then consult and research as to which Walker will suit your needs. Our walker comes with a chair for you to occasionally rest on, as depending on your mobility and energy you might want to take breaks and this is where the built-in cushion comes in handy. Underneath the cushion there is a basket where you can place your items and has a great storage space. Overall the medical walker is a complete package that comes at an affordable price from a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer you can rely on. 

Another great product that can help you relax your tired back muscles is an electric body massager- it has great functionalities and excellent workmanship at a low price that you cannot miss. Do you suffer from constant back pain and have back spasms? This electric massager will help you relieve that pain and help you regain your muscle strength and posture. The massager is not a typical product that only vibrates but has several more functionalities that make it a great buy at such a low price – it acts as a heater, a retractor, a spectrograph and as a massager. It comes with an intelligent controller that you can use without having to manually do anything; the controller has the standard buttons that anyone can easily understand and use – the standard on/off, inflation/deflation, temperature down/up and auto mode vibration. It is FDA approved and is Chinese patented. Supplier-in-China provides high-quality products at great prices from manufacturers that you can trust.

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