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Intellectual Property Rights Protection Policy and Alleged Infringements

This document outlines Manufacturer Source’ policy (“Policy”) for dealing with notifications of alleged infringements of intellectual property rights (“IPR”), in relation to materials available on Manufacturer Source’ websites or servers (each such alleged infringement, an “Alleged Infringement”), by visitors and users of this website (“Users”).

For the purposes of this Policy, Manufacturer Source means the publisher and operator of this website, Manufacturer Source (a company incorporated in Hong Kong) and its parents, subsidiaries, related corporations and affiliates, collectively.

Manufacturer Source has established these procedures to facilitate the co-operation between Manufacturer Source and Users.

Manufacturer Source is not an arbiter or judge. In carrying out any action instigated by Users in respect of IPR,Manufacturer Source does not intend to make any decisions on whether such IPR are valid and subsisting. Conversely,should Manufacturer Source decide not to carry out any action in respect of an Alleged Infringement, Manufacturer Source is not endorsing the display of such materials on this website.

Our Handling of Alleged Infringement

An IPR owner (or exclusive licensee, for the purpose of the Copyright Act of Hong Kong (“Hong Kong Copyright Act”)) or the agent thereof (the “Complainant”) may (and shall, if requested by Manufacturer Source) complete and sign the relevant form to notify Manufacturer Source of the Alleged Infringement (the “IP Complaint Notice”).

  • The Complainant (other than one relying on the Hong Kong Copyright Act) shall complete and sign the IP Complaint Notice form.
  • The Complainant (relying on the Hong Kong Copyright Act) shall complete and sign the IP Complaint Notice form.
  • Manufacturer Source shall deal with the IP Complaint Notice in accordance with the procedures as set out in Schedules 1A and 1B hereto (the “Procedures“), as the case may be.
  • Manufacturer Source reserves the right to amend the Procedures from time to time.
  • Manufacturer Source reserves the right not to take any further action in respect of the Alleged Infringement if.

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